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The Jundiaí Music School was founded in 1971 by professor Josette Silveira Mello Feres. At the beginning of its activities, the School offered classes in Children's Beginning Music and piano. Today it includes teachings of a variety of instruments and Children’s Music Classes. It also offers ensemble practices in its Orchestra Infanto-Juvenil, and diverse artistic and pedagogical projects. Important names who have been part of the EMJ's faculty are, among others: Mikhail Malt, composer and researcher at IRCAM Paris, composer Silvio Ferraz, Vana Bock, Pedro Della Role. Among the former students of EMJ, there are professionals who occupy the main positions of the best orchestras in the country, in addition to several musicians abroad. The music programs offered at the EMJ for children 8 months of age and up have been the focus of reference for all music education work developed in the country, with exhibitions at international congresses (USA, Hungary and South Africa).

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