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only with scheduling by e-mail and WhatsApp

Escola de Música de Jundaí

Babies and Beginning Music Classes

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music, bonding, affectivity,

movement and the cultivation of play

• children between 8 and 30 months

with the participation of parents,

grandparents or family


Musical Pre-Initiation 

sound perception, confidence, sociability, movement and musical play

• children from 30 months to 4 years old 


Musical Initiation 

listening and making music, create, play -

passing through the periods: intuitive, symbol presentation and intensive reading, divided into 4 years:

Initiation I, Initiation II,

Initiation III and Initiation IV

• children from 4 to 8 years old


Contact EMJ to schedule 

a conversation with the pedagogical coordinator and learn about the entire program offered by the school.

Luciana Feres Nagumo - Pedagogical Director and Coordinator

The Children's Beginning Music Classes (Iniciação Musical) started in 1971 with professor Josette S. M. Feres and today is under the direction of her daughter Luciana Nagumo. The course aims to develop in the child and the accompanying family the pleasure of listening and making music, as well as preparing the child, from an emotional, cognitive, physical and social point of view, for the study of a musical instrument.

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Teacher training workshops

The EMJ has been offering Teacher Training workshops for professionals from all over Brazil since 1985. 


In addition to the work developed by educators Josette Feres and Luciana Nagumo, the EMJ brings guest teachers for several of these courses and workshops.




Orquestra Infanto-Juvenil

(Junior Orchestra) 

The Jundiaí School of Music’s Orquestra infanto-Juvenil  is formed by students of instruments from 10 to 18 years old. The orchestra’s conductor is Sílvia Carla Garcia, the orchestra’s coordinator is the violinist Luciane Cristine Garcia and Raquel Ramos Almeida is the cellist monitor. The Orchestra works repertoire, arrangements and ensemble technique. The orchestra has been working with young dancers, actors, among several other projects. Rehearsals are weekly, lasting 90 minutes.


Instrument Show

The Instrument Show takes place in the form of a fair where a guest musician has his stand and the public can try playing the instruments with the guidance of these professionals. The Exhibition takes place at the beginning of the year, on a Sunday morning, throughout the EMJ site. At the end, students, teachers and guests perform for the visitors. This is an opportunity created especially for children of the Children's Beginning Music Classes to come with their families to get to know musical instruments up close. But the event is open to the whole community.


Paratodos ("For all”) Orchestra

The “Paratodos” Orchestra is an EMJ socialization project, in which the entire

EMJ community can participate, playing

an instrument or singing. The Junior Orchestra is the host, being the base of the larger orchestra that is formed at the end of this project. Those interested in participating receive the music score and join the tutti rehearsals for the final concert. 


Christmas Concert

The Christmas Concert is also an EMJ socialization project. In this event, teachers and students of the EMJ are invited to participate. The project is centered around the Junior Orchestra and the students of the Music Initiation classes.


Vivências Sonoras (Sound Experiences)

Created in 2019 for Sesc Jundiaí, this children's project offers musical workshops given by some of the most and prestigious music educators in the country: Luciana Nagumo, Margareth Darezzo, Patricia Passoni and Silmara Drezza. The workshops are geared towards experiencing musical content that will be presented at shows by groups of guest artists.

"Music & Citizenship"

Since 2005, the Jundiaí Music School has developed the “Music and Citizenship” program, offering educational music activities for children and teenagers. A significant part of the program happens with ensemble performances which are always offered free of charge to institutions serving children and teenagers and in places where cultural activities are scarce, developing in the participants an awareness of their role as citizens. The project “Music and Citizenship EMJ” allows children and teens to be offered free musical education.


Dons & Tons

The Children's Scenic Choir “Dons & Tons” was created in 2010 as part of a project by the Jundiaí City Hall, bringing together children from 7 to 12 years old from communities in neighborhoods with high social vulnerability. In 2013 the project was closed by the city of Jundiaí, but the choir continued its activities with the volunteer work of some of the professionals involved. Seeking to maintain and expand the activities of the Choir, conductor Silmara Drezza joined the “Music and Citizenship” Program of the Jundiaí School of Music, with an experience of more than four decades in musical education for children and teenagers.

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Repertoire Chamber Orchestra

Formed in 2005, under the direction of Claudia Feres, the Repertoire Chamber Orchestra had the role of working on pieces written originally for the formation of strings. The orchestra provided young instrumentalists from 14 to 21 years of age with knowledge of their repertoire and style, with special attention to technical problems specific to their instruments. The project also provided the opportunity to podium practice  for young conducting students. Most of its members moved towards professionalization and this training was dissolved in 2017. After that the new students joined the Orquestra infanto-Juvenil (Junior Orchestra).


Contact us!


R. Prudente de Moraes, 1276 • Jundiaí 

whatsapp: 11  99961 1296

The first contact with EMJ is made through our message channels - whatsapp and e-mail. Your message will be answered within 24 hours. Later, a professional will contact you for detailed information. EMJ does not have a telephone service team.

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